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Each attendee will receive a copy of the South Texas Homeschool Conference Directory which will include vital information such as a site map, workshop schedules and descriptions, a 4-line list of exhibitors, and information about the local area. You can include your information in this book also.

The directory will be a 8.5″ x 5.5″ book printed in black and white. If you have already registered as a vendor, please use the product ad-on form in order to receive your 20% discount.

Directory ad files should be a minimum of 300 dpi. JPEG or PDF are preferred. You can view the ad specs here.

Web ad files should have a 400 px minimum width. JPEG or GIF is preferred.

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Non-profit organizations are eligible for a 50% discount on exhibitor registration and/or ad orders. We reserve the right to verify non-profit status.

Item Price Per Ea
Full Page Directory Ad

  • Black and white
  • 4.75”w x 7.5”h
$ 75.00
1/2 Page Directory Ad

  • Black and white
  • 4.75″w x 3.75″h
$ 40.00
1/4 Page Directory Ad

  • Black and white
  • 2.3″w x 3.75″h
$ 25.00
STxHC Sidebar link

  • Your logo linked to your webpage
  • Appears on every page of the STxHC website directly below the registration links
$ 50.00
STxHC Conference Bag Stuffer

  • Each family attending the STxHomeschool Conference will receive a bag.
  • Include your promo item (pen, magnet, flier, coupon, etc.) to the conference bag.
  • You provide the promo item, we will put it in the bag.
$ 15.00

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